Friday, 17 April 2015

Week 15 - Nature

I tried experimenting this week, because 90% of my nature shots were cliche and I didn't like them. I liked standing under the blooming cherry tree and watching the white flowers blowing in the wind, and with the sun in my eyes I had to squint a bit. That's how I got the idea of an unfocused shot of the blooms.

After seeing the photos, I thought that the colours do not really matter so I turned to black and white:

Here is the colour version as well, you tell me which fits your mood best:

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Another Levitation

This is what happens when you have time to post process your work...

Week 14 - Abstract

I'm running out of excuses for my uninspired streak, but I guess it was inevitable in a project where consistency is needed. This was abstract week, which means there were a gazillion ideas to choose from, and experiments to try. I tried my hand at some 'impressionist photography' (to be presented in a later post), some macros and creative use of blurring, none of which made me feel like I had a 'wow' shot. Finally, I chose my husband's favourite from the bunch and called it a week. I like the play with shadows and shapes, and the fact that there aren't many colours in the photo. What do you think?

Phew, I'm finally posting this week's theme without any delays! Hopefully I will be able to keep up from now on. Until next week, Happy Easter my Orthodox friends!

Week 13 - Levitation

This theme was difficult for me, as I was still on holiday and had limited time and options to set it up. My somewhat unoriginal idea was only made better by the zen feeling of my sister in law's living room and some help with post processing from my husband. A big thank you to everybody for the support!

PS. Note to self... next time use a tripod and manual settings!

Week 12 - Straight out of Camera

Straight out of camera week found me on a skiing holiday so I had my pick of beautiful landscapes to photograph. I just had to be careful not to fall on my camera while skiing. As far as using shots without processing, my most common mistake was not paying attention to the edges of the frame and finding myself wanting to crop the raw shots. Alas, it was not permitted, so the offending photos were just discarded.

At last, I chose a shot that shows off the many perks of Winter holidays in Austria: skiing, relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying beautiful picturesque landscapes.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Industrial sunset

Last night we drove around for an hour because we didn't want to wake the baby <3

Week 11 - Ritual

My most rushed week, in between packing for a skiing holiday and treating my family for a cold. I tried to capture the steam from the hot coffee, but I didn't do such a good job.