Sunday, 10 May 2015

Week 17 - Macro

This challenge was a bit of a chore for me so I have been postponing this post for a while, and lagging behind on the subsequent weeks as a result. I don't know why, but macro is just not for me. I really like what other people can achieve with macro photography, but moving a tripod around a subject to try and capture its most interesting minute details is not my cup of tea. I'll take waiting for hours in a spot on the street over it in not time!

The fact that I am trying to exclusively use my mirrorless camera added to my frustration, because I cannot get a decent macro shot with this camera and my kit lens. I tried a few close-ups, but in the end none had the intimacy of a 'real' macro, so I caved and got out the big guns: Nikon D300 and an old macro lens that no longer works in auto focus. I armed myself with all the patience I could muster, set up the tripod and started circling one of my blooming orchids. I did get a few shots that I consider decent, and in the end I ended up using a big colour and sharpness boost to create a 'symphony in pink' (I know, pretentious title):

What do you think?