Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Week 2 - Silhouette

I put considerably more work into this week's theme - the weather was nicer and I had more time - but it's really thanks to my husband that I got the shot I finally submitted. I had some photos with my first idea, I kind of liked some of them and was almost content to choose one and just be done with it. He sent me out shooting a second time and so I got this photo that I really love:

First of all, I like the background - it's really what made me stop and take photos there; I like the half coloured wall and the fact that the white part still retains some texture, and I like the cobbled stone and the snow.

I like that I was able to capture two characters, one on each side, and I like the relationship between them. When I look at the photo, for a moment I feel like I'm seeing a man and his shadow walking away from each other and it confuses me for a little while and I like that.

I also like how the silhouette on the left seems a bit two dimensional (like painted on the white wall), while the background gives a real feel of perspective so the two impressions contradict themselves.

I like the half profile of the silhouette man: the outline of his nose and hair, and the small eyelash detail. I would have loved a better silhouette of the rest of his body, but everybody was wearing thick winter clothes so it wasn't really doable. The guy on the right helps a bit with this lack of detail because we can picture what the silhouette man is wearing by looking at him.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my photo. What do you think of it?

Fun fact: I took 103 photos in this passageway, most of them with the same or similar angle as this shot, and in the end I had a shortlist of about 5 photos to choose from. I will make another post with my three ideas for the silhouette shot and all the photos I found acceptable.

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