Sunday, 8 February 2015

Week 5 - Greetings from...

I took all the shots for this week's theme in 2 hours on Saturday, while we were visiting family in Cluj-Napoca. My initial plan was to shoot something from Bucharest but I simply had no time during the week... When we got to Cluj, I tried to wander the streets alone for a mini photo shoot, but I had to return empty handed because my battery died on me. I just have to remember that having a mirror-less camera means less battery life than my DSLR, it's something I 'discover' the hard way every now and then...

So in order not to miss the week, I ended up sneaking away from my nephew's one year old party to take some photos. Good thing the scenery around the party venue was nice enough to qualify for the theme.

Well, greetings from Cluj! Here is a beautiful lake, just outside the restaurant where the party was taking place:

This is actually the spot where my husband took me for our first date, but that is a story for another time... I chose this photo for the project because it is the 'cleanest' of them all. It has both foreground and background interest, the subjects are doing something mildly interesting, and the sky features some 'dramatic' clouds instead of being bland blue. All in all, it is a decent shot, though not the type of shot I usually take.

More photos from Cluj:

These were shot from the hill known as "cetățuie" (an old fortification), incidentally another spot I visited with my husband on said first date. This hill is a well known spot for seeing Cluj from above. I like the church tower and the panorama as a whole, but I thought that there were just too many rooftops for my taste in these photos, and the main subject (church tower) doesn't stand out enough.

This is the same lake as before, shot at sundown (yes, I took my tripod to a kid's party!). I had my husband stand in as subject for the first photo. I like them enough, but in the end they seemed to dark to choose as a "greetings from" photo.

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